Elliott Glover

Elliott Glover is a passionate advocate for change, drawing from his remarkable life experiences to shed light on the often harsh and overlooked realities of the foster and group home systems. His formative and teenage years were spent navigating alternative living situations and group homes alongside his brothers, providing him with unique insights into the challenges faced by those growing up in similar circumstances.

After aging out of the group home system, Elliott embarked on a journey of higher education, earning a bachelor's degree in business from Wilmington University—a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience. Fueled by the haunting memories of his past, he felt an irresistible urge to share his family's story with the world. Through his debut novel, "Those Boys on the Hill," he aspires to cast a spotlight on the many hardships endured by individuals and families entangled within the foster and group home systems. His narrative extends beyond the children navigating these systems, reaching out to illuminate the struggles and challenges that ripple through the lives of the many people impacted by these multifaceted systems.

Elliott's narrative is just one among many, but he hopes that it can contribute to a broader movement aimed at supporting one of society's most vulnerable and marginalized groups. In pursuit of this mission, he founded the Those Boys on the Hill Foundation, a non-profit organization and scholarship fund dedicated to assisting individuals who age out of or emancipate from the foster and group home systems.

In addition to his written work, Elliott, and his brother Iszel launched a podcast under the same name, "Those Boys on the Hill," offering a platform for sharing stories, insights, and discussions related to their experiences and the broader foster care community.

Today, Elliott lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and family, living a quiet life while continuing to advocate for change and support those in need within the foster and group home systems.

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