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"Those Boys on the Hill" - Available February 16, 2024

Welcome to the official page for "Those Boys on the Hill" – a powerful biographical coming-of-age story by Elliott Glover, shining a light on the incredible journey of three inner-city, African American brothers.


In this poignant narrative, Elliott Glover takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions through the lives of himself and his brothers, Jacque and Iszel. Growing up in a group home in a rural Pennsylvania farming community, they face challenges that will touch your heart and soul. Through a mix of humor, sadness, and raw situational honesty, Elliott shares the harrowing experiences that shaped them into the resilient men they are today.

Explore the harsh realities of group homes, foster care, and the daunting odds stacked against them. "Those Boys on the Hill" is not just a story; it's a cathartic journey of defying a system designed to fail, of perseverance and survival, and ultimately, of the unyielding resilience and tenacity of the human spirit.

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  • Those Boys on the Hill is a heart-rending memoir by Elliott Glover, encapsulating his remarkable journey with his brothers, Jacque and Iszel, as they maneuver their way through life, transplanted from North Philadelphia to a group home in rural Pennsylvania. Glover expertly draws readers in, immersing them in his life’s harshest moments while brilliantly maintaining an uplifting narrative tone. Each page is steeped in brutal honesty and rich in poignant scenes as Glover’s upbringing unfolds, effortlessly coupling both humorous and tragic events. His resilience against his difficult upbringing symbolizes the defiant victory over a system poised to set him up for failure. Readers are presented with an all-too-real image of what life in group homes and foster care truly looks like, a side that many aren't privy to. 

    Glover recounting his experiences takes bravery, but it’s an emotionally gripping and necessary story to tell.  I was not only moved to tears but came away with an understanding of a flawed system and its detrimental impact on society.  Accounts like Glover’s can lead to real, positive change.  Those Boys on the Hill is a testament to hope, survival, and ultimate triumph, bound to touch every reader's heart.

     Derek Frey

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