Meet the Pod


One of my deepest desires has always been to share our stories and experiences to help shed light on the realities of those who grew up in the system. Our hope is to make a positive impact, raising awareness and understanding, ultimately striving to make the system better for all those involved.
Elliott Glover
Good day! To keep it simple, I love relationships and all that they have to offer. I have a degree in English Education, am nationally certified in personal training, and I am also general manager of a hoagie franchise. My passions run deep for food, friends, family, writing, sports and fitness. My appetite for learning and interaction with others is always at an all-time high which makes this the perfect time to collaborate with my older brother and a few other special people to tell the story of our upbringing. Big things are on the horizon and I hope to learn what I can so I can continue to be a hilarious man of integrity.
Iszel Glover



Hello! Though I am taking a step back from co-hosting the pod with Those Boys to renovate my dream home, I'm still excited to make a few guest appearances as The Middle Aged White Woman. I first met Those Boys way back in 1985 through my mother, who was a weekend house parent on The Hill. We reconnected recently, because of a FB post announcing their intent to write a book about their experiences. I'm one of their biggest fans and have signed on to produce a podcast that chronicles their book-writing endeavor. I've always appreciated the humor and heart of their stories and I'm excited to be a part of the pod.
Jeanelle Dech

Podcast and Video Editor

Hello everyone! I first started working with Those Boys through my job at Jeanelle's textile printing company, where I already had been editing sound and video. My passion is telling stories, which I usually do through my art brand, so being able to help put this podcast together has been a dream come true. I am currently going to a local community college for business administration, and I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing team.
Felix Agosto

Book Editor

Hey, everybody! I’m a writer, editor and photographer who has always loved books – they were my escape. I grew up in a very white world, and for the past year and a half I’ve been immersed in the long overdue work of learning about the racial injustices in America. It’s been hard, eye-opening and necessary. I attended Avon Grove in the same era as the Glovers but was completely oblivious to their struggles. When I saw Elliott’s post about TBOTH, I was immediately drawn to Elliott’s prose and the book’s impactful potential. Elliott graciously accepted my offer to edit. The Glovers are the best, so I’ve been enjoying every moment since.
Leah Gallo

Book Editor

Bonjour!! I was born and raised in the Grove, where I attended the same school as the Glovers. After studying French in college, I moved to France. And am still here 23 years later! After working for a well-known international organization in Paris, I moved to western France where I have been a freelance editor for 12 years. Like many of you, when I saw the original Facebook post launching the podcast and announcing the writing of the book I thought, wait, what? There was a group home for boys in the small town where I grew up? I went to the same small-town school as them and had no idea what they were going through? After getting over the sense of having lived a sheltered life and having been so out of touch with reality, I felt compelled to be a part of their journey in any way I could. The greatness of this is that their story touches people in so many different ways and for so many different reasons. This has already been such an enriching experience for me on so many levels, I am very looking forward to what the future has to bring.
Jennifer Gardner Allain